Monday, May 21, 2012

塩専門ひるがお - Hirugao, Tokyo Ramen Street

塩玉らーめん - Shio Ramen w/ Egg, ¥850

    Another visit to Tokyo Ramen Street and another failed attempt at lining up for the famous Rokurinsha which seems to always be an hour or so long. But since this is 4/8 I'll soon be able to get the whole set. This will certainly be fulfilling... Hirugao was chosen as the backup plan since it is famous for it's shio ramen.

    I don't remember a lot about it, but it was a little more complex and layered than your average shio ramen. So it could be guilty of having just a little too much going on at once. But there were no problems getting the job done.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

中村屋@West Park Cafe - Nakamuraya, Koshigaya Laketown

味玉塩ラーメン - Shio Ramen with Egg, ¥800

     What do you do when you have a national holiday on a Saturday? You go to the biggest shopping mall in the country, that's what! Actually, I am in the minority as I am one of the people who doesn't frown at the wastefulness of a holiday on the weekend since I'm usually at work. Anyway, amongst the hustle bustle of the bargain hunters and the salarymen dads spending the day with the family you can find a few ramen shops.

    Hmmmm. Not many people seemed to venture out to the outlet mall part of Laketown and we basically had the restaurant to ourselves. Much like the outlet stores themselves, Nakamura's prices were comparable with their counterparts in the mall proper. So you know you're not getting any factory seconds....

     The recommendation was a shio ramen, and since I was in the midst of a personal shio boom, I was happy to oblige. Again, I have a bit of a backlog of posts to write up so I can't remember this one too well, but I do remember liking it...

    Worth a visit if you're in the deepest depths of Saitama...

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