Saturday, June 8, 2013

俺の麺 春道 - Ore No Men Harumichi, Shinjuku

中華そば - Chuka Soba

    Another blast from the past. This one is from Shinjuku and perhaps one of the most unassuming places that I have visited. It looks from the outside a pretty old and run-down local restaurant but it is the domain of the ramen nerd. After squeezing past another customer to take my seat, I sat down to the joy of a conversation between other nerds talking about which shops they have visited recently. But it was actually a lot more fun to watch the chef go to work in the tiny kitchen that customers can peer right in to.

    A nice creamy, standard type of tonkotsu, but with a hint of something different... Maybe it was a shrimp-y type of flavour. In any case, it didn't prevent the demolition of the bowl...

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

牛骨ラーメン 香味徳 - Kamitoku, Ginza

香味徳ラーメン, Kamitoku Ramen

 A good blogger is usually following the latest trends and reporting about them before they have become widespread and well-known. I do not do this - which means the trend of gyuukotsu, or beef ramen that took off in 2011 (or was that 2012?) was first sampled by me in 2013! Another thing a good blogger does is write their blogs soon after they have experienced whatever it is they're writing about... Let's just say I don't remember when I went here. But I don't remember coming home last night either, so it's all relative.

   One thing I do remember is that this place had a one coin ramen on Sundays so ¥500 was pretty reasonable. It was certainly quiet inside, but Ginza doesn't generally have the reputation of a ramen mecca. I know I enjoyed the bowl but it was somehow different. It seemed more like a bowl of pho than ramen. I hope that it also customary to drain all the soup from a pho too...

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