Tuesday, January 7, 2014

らーめん 大雅 - Taiga, Saitama

味噌らーめん - Miso Ramen

    Having finally got my Japanese drivers license, one of my first stops in the car had to be a ramen shop. I don't expect anyone to come out this way, but it is certainly refreshing to be able to get out on the road and away from the trains every once in a while... The traffic, however, remains.
    Taiga was a tip from a local who, so far, has been a pretty useful contributor to my travels around these northern reaches of Saitama. 
    The master here at Taiga used to work at a popular Sapporo shop so, wait for it... it's another miso ramen review. I was sure to be on my best behavior too, as he also apparently has a bit of a reputation for being curt with his customers. Understandably so, since he has all these know-nothing ramen nerds coming in and taking photos of his work then posting them on the internet and writing shitty reviews...
    Here 'tis.

    It was definitely a Sapporo-style miso ramen, with a thick layer of oil on top trapping the heat inside. This place does get good reviews, but I wasn't overly impressed, which isn't to say I was unimpressed either. It was, however, a pretty good representation of a miso ramen but just seemed to lack it's own personality. (Remember what I said about shitty reviews earlier?)

   I was still pretty keen to get to the end though.